Advantages at One Glance: Our REMOS models

Learn more about REMOS GX Series, from the entry-level model REMOS GXClub through the GXNXT/GXnXES to our latest family member, REMOS GXiS with the fuel injected engine Rotax 912 iS Sport. See the versatility of our aircraft.

Forever young

There are REMOS aircraft flying with over 4,000 hours and 20,000 take offs and landings operating in flight schools around the world without structural compromise. This is our idea of the perfect aircraft – made in Germany.


The GXiS, like all GX Series aircraft, is built with carbon fiber materials offering extreme light weight and incredible strength. The cockpit comes reinforced with layers of aramid for increased safety. With these strong and lightweight materials, the REMOS GX Series aircraft has one of the highest payloads in its class. As an added safety feature, the GXiS comes standard with a ballistic parachute recovery system.

Perfect Trainer

The REMOS GX is the perfect aircraft for flight training. Besides from benefiting from its top-tier flight characteristics and high payload, adding a REMOS to your fleet boosts your flight schools revenue. Between the low operating costs and main- tenance expenses, the REMOS GXiS is arguably the most cost effective aircraft used for flight training. Thanks to its state-of-the-art avionics, the REMOS GXiS is equipped for every kind of flight training.


Moderate operating and maintenance costs make the REMOS GXNXT one of the most cost effective aircraft on the market.

Glider and Banner Towing

The REMOS GXiS is perfectly suited for towing gliders or aerial advertising. A tow hook option is available on all REMOS aircraft. Thanks to the efficient Rotax 912 iS Sport engine you can reduce the cost for towing operations significantly.

Foldable Wings

Foldable Wings One of the most convenient, yet underestimated features REMOS offers is foldable wings. By owning a REMOS GX, you can eliminate the costly hangar fees associated with owning an airplane. Simply fold the wings after your flight, put it on a trailer, and use your garage as your hangar. Within minutes, two people can fold the wings and your REMOS is ready for transport!

Doors Off!

You can make your REMOS a convertible – it’s only a matter of minutes to remove both doors. That’s the ultimate fun on warm summer days. By the way, photographers love this!