REMOS Delivers First Production Line GXiS

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The German based aircraft manufacturer, REMOS AG, has delivered the first production line copy of a GXiS that conforms to German Ultralight standards. The aircraft, registered as D-MIDA, expands the fleet of a flight school operation known as UTC, based in Schoenberg (EDPK), Bavaria.

Werner Frister, owner of the UTC flight school, considers the GXiS a significant upgrade to the existing REMOS fleet in his school and said: “The GXiS, with the fuel injected Rotax 912 iS Sport engine, an advanced avionics suite and the SMARTstart System, is ideal for familiarizing students with the latest technologies. Basic training is still being done with a carbureted version. Later, students can graduate to the fuel-injected engine and advanced avionics.” The students and the flight school profit from the efficient engine which consumes about 10 percent less fuel than the carbureted version of the engine.

D-MIDA is registered in the ultralight category and is the first serial production GXiS. The aircraft is equipped with instruments by Dynon and Flymap. The aircraft also features SMARTstart on board, a system that makes it possible to start the engine by simply pushing a button on the panel.

The prototype of the GXiS was first flown in May, 2016, and the new model is expected to meet European and U.S. LSA standards in the near future.

German Rotax distributor, Franz Aircraft Engines GmbH based in Schechen, Bavaria, has supported the integration of the 912 iS Sport into the REMOS GXiS. The owners of the company, Aida and Eduard Franz, along with their colleague, Arno Schroeder, visited the REMOS factory in Pasewalk for the handover to UTC. The team at Franz Aircraft Engines GmbH plans to rent the GXiS for some extended flights over the Alps.

Hier können Sie unsere Pressemitteilung herunterladen (pdf): 2017_03_28_REMOS_GXiS_Serie_en

Fotos (zip): 2017_03_28_REMOS_GXiS_Serie_images