„Fluegel“ Magazine Reports About The GXiS

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Another article about our REMOS GXiS is on sale now. Marino Boric, a well-known aviation journalist, reports in issue 3/2017 of “Fluegel” magazine. A few weeks ago Marino Boric came to our factory in Pasewalk. First we showed him our production line, then we took him for an extended demo flight in our latest model REMOS GXiS. He learned a lot about the integration of the fuel injected engine Rotax 912 iS Sport, including SMARTstart, our system that reduces the start-up of the engine to one push of a button. You can now access his report in the latest issue of the magazine “Fluegel” (the title means “Wings”). We do not want to reveal all his content in advance. But there is one quotation we really like: “The REMOS is so incredibly easy to fly. I have the impression that it is almost impossible to maneuver this aircraft into any situation that would cause trouble for an inexperienced pilot.”