REMOS Team Takes Part in Microlight Championship

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Stefan Becks, Aero Club Goch, and Stephan Krabbe, owner of the flight school Followme from Grefrath, took part in the German Microlight Championship at the airfield of Goch-Asperden. They returned with a decent result. It was the first time that both pilots took part in a championship. They flew the REMOS GX, owned by the flight school, and the result was decent: They finished eighth out of 13 teams in their class. Stefan Becks and Stephan Krabbe are very ambitious now: They are going to take part in the next German Microlight Championships from May, 10th to 13th, 2018.

Ultralight pilots from all over Germany compete in this competition and compare their flying skills. The tasks are challenging and only those who perfectly master their aircraft will be successful.

The conditions during the three days of the contest were close to perfect. The weather was fine and the club was a very good host. The navigation tasks were challenging and in the end the fight for the top positions was thrilling. 26 teams in total took part in the championships.

REMOS Deutsche UL-Meisterschaft REMOS fliegt Foto: Wolfgang Lintl
REMOS team in action at the German Microlight Championship in Goch-Asperden. Photo: Wolfgang Lintl


REMOS Deutsche UL-Meisterschaft REMOS rollt Foto: Wolfgang Lintl
The REMOS GX is taxies at the airfield of Goch-Asperden. Photo: Wolfgang Lintl
REMOS Deutsche UL-Meisterschaft 2017 Urkunde
8th place for Stefan Becks and Stephan Krabbe.