REMOS präsentiert neue Avionik-Suite

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Have you ever dreamed of a full IFR panel? Of owning an aircraft above standards? Of providing IFR student pilots an aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art certified WAAS GPS/NAV/COM equipment? There is nothing beyond the REMOS GXULTIMA. This is YOUR personal airliner.


Probably the most you can get out of a Light Sport Aircraft: With dual 10″ SkyView screens from Dynon plus a Garmin GTN750 IFR capable WAAS GPS/NAV/COM, you already get a full airline style IFR capable avionics suite. This topline equipment is made for IFR operations and designed especially for the needs and demands of a modern general aviation aircraft. In the version for the REMOS GXULTIMA the GTN750 is equipped with a remote controlled audio panel and a full ADS-B out Mode-S XPDR; by this you already fulfil the 2020 ADS-B out mandate today! Want even more? ADS-B in is of course available as well as autopilot or XM/WX. Add the SkyView-TOUCH function plus a GARMIN GTN650 as second GPS/NAV/COM set and you are certainly at the summit of the avionics-olymp.

Conventional circuit breakers are obsolet in the REMOS GXULTIMA. The electic system is managed and secured by the unique VerticalPower VP-X electronic circuit breaker system, driven and operated by the DYNON SkyView Avionic System.

Naturally, the aircraft is also equipped with everything you need besides the avionics suite. Starting with the well-proven ROTAX 912ULS 100 HP engine combined with the Neuform CR3-65 three-blade composite propeller promising excellent flight performance, further state of the art exterior and panel LED lighting system and a MAGNUM 601 aircraft recovery system up to and including of course the full comfort package with leather-fabric upholstery, sun visors, heating system, fresh air inlets in the windscreen, door pockets, luggage nets, baggage compartment, interior pads and active noise-cancelling headsets Sennheiser S1 Digital.


• ROTAX 912ULS, rated 100HP

• NEUFORM CR3-65 three blade propeller

• two DYNON D1000 Sky View 10″ screens

• dual ADAHRS in lieu of analogue backup instruments

• Garmin GTN750 IFR capable WAAS GPS/NAV/COM

• Garmin GTX33ES remote control ADSB-out Mode-S XPDR

• Garmin GMA35 remote control audio panel

• VerticalPower VP-X electronic circuit breaker system

• Sennheiser S1 digital headsets

• Magnum 601 recovery system

• LED exterior and interior lighting


• Dynon SkyView TOUCH add-on

• Dynon autopilot system

• Dynon mapping software

• Dynon ADS-B receiver


• Garmin GNC255A NAV/COM

• Garmin GTR225A COM

• high performance heating system

• leather cinnamon upholstery

• Halon fire extinguisher

• first aid kit

• Tanis engine heater

• towing clutch

more options available upon request

ask for your individual quotation


Each REMOS GX is the fulfilment of a dream. We know that. Because we love flying just like you.

Everybody has his own individual dreams. We know that. Because we are dreaming, too.

Why should you fly a ready configured aircraft? We never understood. Aren’t we all individuals?

With the REMOS GXPERSONAL we put you into the chair of our Head of Design. You specify your own, individual cockpit configuration. No limits. No pre-defined avionic suites. Freely selectable equipment. You define it. We build it (*).

Whether you select the big, classic cockpit panel or you prefer the new, sleek design with its superb visibility – describe your ideas and needs and we will guide you through the engineering process.

(*) As long as it is technically feasible and in accordance with the certification specifications.

Sure, it was always a little more expensive to realize rather exclusive demands, though a REMOS GXPERSONAL is still comparably affordable.

Contact the REMOS team and describe what you want. Which cockpit? What avionics? Anything else? We will analyze your specification and put together a proposal. Once you agree we can start the manufacturing process of your very unique REMOS GXPERSONAL.

Sure, this will take a little longer than a standard REMOS GX, but you can be sure that it is you who designed the cockpit and that it is built for you only!